Special Equipment

All-Terrain Platform Edition

Access Platform

All-Terrain Platform Edition


Unrivaled performance and all-terrain capability of the Unimog implement carrier coupled with the tremendous performance data of a PALFINGER access platform.

  • The vertical stabilisers spaced only 2.40 m apart – the width of the vehicle – make jobs on narrow, difficult-to access forest tracks possible with very short set-up times
  • The enormous stabiliser stroke of 1,300 mm enables even difficult jobs on slopes, e.g. for keeping railroad lines and energy conduit routes clear, maintenance of power cables, water protection, forestry and municipal deployments and many more
  • Stabilizer operation is possible both from the base and from the workman basket
  • With a lateral outreach of up to 16.90 m, it is not necessary to frequently reposition the vehicle during a work assignment
  • Multiple equipment movements can be actuated at the same time using the operating panel in the workman cage
  • Flat substructure under the workman cage enables operators to get close to objects


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