26 t GVW

PH T 24 / PH T 24 A


Recommended Application Fits all applications
Lifting Capacity 24 t

Versatility at all stages

The versatility of the PALFINGER TELESCOPIC hooklift makes it the most popular choice among buyers. Covering the widest range of container length and lifting capacity on offer, it is configurable to meet a wide variety of standards and satisfy our customers worldwide. It’s very low transport height and light weight contribute to the assets to maximize application options safely. The different comfort levels make this range highly customizable to the needs of the users and the market.

The PH T 24 and PH T 24 A can be installed on chassis from 26 to 28 t and are capable of handling containers up to 24 t in loading, unloading, trailer transfer and tipping.

Thanks to the telescopic jib, users will be able to handle a wide range of different container lengths and work on a variety of applications with the same vehicle. In addition, rental, transport or waste management companies increase the operating possibilities of their fleet. The range in length can be further extended with an articulated jib, while allowing the loading angle to be reduced to limit spillage.

The level of equipment technology can be tailored with the SLD or TEC lines to focus on the essentials or benefit from the latest innovations in safety, comfort and performance.

Thanks to a low transport height, the PH T 24 and PH T 24 A enable you to transport larger containers to increase the available volume. In addition, its light weight optimizes the available payload. Both benefits reduce the number of round trips required to complete a job, saving time and money.


  • Covers the widest range of container lengths
  • Low transport height
  • Easy to use and service
  • 3 technology lines to customize your equipment


  • Configurable to your requirements
  • One range – your applications
  • For every use intensity


Hookloader - PH T 18-24

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Hook and Skiploader - Mounting Accessories

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Hookloader - PALCOVER

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