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PAL Pro 43


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up to 43,000 ft lbs

When the perfect blending of weight, storage space, strength and durability are what you are looking for then the PAL Pro Series of Crane Bodies are what you need.  The PAL Pro 43 will handle any crane rated for a load moment of 43,000 ft/lbs., with a max loading moment of 50,000 ft/lbs.  Available in many standard 9' and 11' configurations, it is designed with a hybrid torsion box and ladder frame understructure utilitizing the hightest quality 10ga A60 galvanenneal and structural steel cross members for superior strength.

The frame, bumper, outrigger tubes and crane box are all integrated to deliver the force of the crane load to the outriggers, leaving the body untouched by the load forces.  The body is made from 12ga A60 galvanneal, with treadplate topes and load space.  Eight 6,000 lb. tie downs in the floor of the body, a 5/16" top plate on the bumper, 2" hitch receiver and 3 point latching doors are all standard.

The doors are a two piece top hat design held together with automotive adhesive to eliminate welds, and utilize 316 marine grade stanless steel hinges.  All this, plus a 12 step e-coat dip process for the primer and 6 year warranty on the body and hardware -- and you have the new standard in superior crane bodies.

Product hotspots

 Hybrid torsion box  Structural steel cross-members  Integrated outrigger housing  Front flange body mounts  Rear shear plate body mounts

Hybrid torsion box

Eliminates truck frame and side pack deflection, 10 ga grade 50 galvanealed steel construction

Structural steel cross-members

Tubular 3”x 5” structural steel, interlaced with torsion box

Integrated outrigger housing

Steel plates incorporate outrigger housing to torsional box and crane compartment

Front flange body mounts

Linear adjustable flange mounting system to tie body to chassis frame.

Rear shear plate body mounts

Steel plates prevent lateral shifting of body on chassis. Shear plates provide support to crane loads and vehicle stabilization

Technical data

Mechanic Truck PAL Pro
Linear adjustable front mounts std
Full length stainless steel hinges std
Door construction with structural adhesive std
Compression 3 Point T handle latches std
12ga A60 2 sided galvanealed zinc coated steel std
Rubber mounted LED lights std
E-coat primer std

Standard features

• Crane Compartment: Reinforced 3/4” top plate and 1/4” side plates. Hose reel mounting shelf and access. Standard door activated LED lighting.

• Door design: Double panel doors with internal C-channel stiffeners, bonded with structural adhesive.

• Work bench tailshelf: Work surface depth of 21”, with 5/16” smooth steel top-plate. Full width through compartment, with 2" hitch receiver tube.

• Hinges: Stainless-steel hinge with concealed leaves and full length rod type 7/16” diameter pin. E-coated prior to door installation.

• Latches: Folding T compression latch, with internal ring plate installation. Three point standard with 3/8” rods.

• Tailgate design: Double panel 14” high slam tailgate with single hand latch and hidden hinge stop to 90 degrees.


• Boom support: Optional fixed or adjustable non marring boom support E coated black.

• Drawer assemblies: Numerous configurations with 3”, 5”, and 7” high drawer sizes.

• Outriggers: Standard power down stabilizer legs, with optional power or manual extend configurations.

• Shelf and divider features: Formed and hemmed galvanized steel construction. Adjustable height shelves in divided and non-divided styles.