Warranty Agreement


PALFINGER Liftgates warranties its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship, when used in normal commercial service and when properly maintained during coverage schedule.

PALFINGER Liftgates will repair or replace any parts to be defective, the replacement part does not extend the warranty coverage period of the related Liftgate.  Such replacement will be furnished without cost to the owners and the installation will be covered per a flat rate through an authorized PALFINGER repair facility.  PLEASE CONTACT PALFINGER LIFTGATES FOR AUTHORIZATION BEFORE RETURNING ANY PRODUCT.

The warranty does not apply to any product that has been altered from its original design.

This warranty does not cover normal wear, maintenance or adjustment, damage or malfunction caused by improper handling, installation, abuse, misuse, negligence, or carelessness of operation.

There are not warranties which extend beyond the description of the face hereof, and PALFINGER Liftgates neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for it any additional liability in connection with the sale of its products.


PALFINGER's warranty does not include the reimbursement for travel time, towing, vehicle rental, service calls, oil, batteries, fabricated parts, loss of income due to downtime, damage due to misuse or abuse, negligence, accidents, alterations, overtime expenses, routine maintenance or normal wear.  Rust is not covered under warranty.  Any parts that are found to be missing after the initial in-service date are not covered under warranty.  Weak or dead batteries are not covered under warranty.  Any wore pins are considered a usual wear issue therefore not warrantable as a manufacturing issue.  The tightening of loose fittings is to be considered a maintenance issue, therefore any hydraulic leaks due to a loose fitting is not covered under warranty.  Low or contaminated fluids, due to other than visible leaks are not covered under warranty.

No other warranty, express or implied (including, but not limited to warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose) has been made or exists.  Without limiting, the foregoing, EXCEPT AS OTHERWISE PROVIDED HEREIN, THE COMPANY:  (1) UNDERTAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE QUALITY OR PERFORMANCE OF THE GOODS; (2) ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY THAT THE GOODS WILL BE FIT FOR ANY PARTICULAR APPLICATION.



  1. Warranty work or claims will be made by authorized PALFINGER Liftgate Distributors or Service Centers.
  2. Warranty work performed per the flat rate schedule will not need authorization.  If the problem cannot be solved or flat rate labor is not listed, contact PALFINGER Liftgates for assistance.
  3. Parts or materials sent out for warranty repair purpose will be invoiced and a credit will be issued upon return of defective parts.  Parts used for inventory, will be replaced.  Return Merchandise Authorization number (R.M.A.), serial number and manufactured date must be included for parts which are required to be returned.
  4. All claims shall be paid according to PALFINGER's flat rate schedule.
  5. PALFINGER Liftgates will pay the ground freight for replacement parts under warranty.  Special shipping charges such as overnight and freight for returned parts will be the responsibility of the customer.
  6. Only PALFINGER Liftgates O.E.M. parts will be warranted.

Warranty and Technical assistance is available from PALFINGER's toll free customer service lines from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST.   1-888-774-5844  Extension 13 and 19. 

All warranty claims must be received within 30 days of repair or replacement.  Including the following required information:

  1. Liftgate model number
  2. Liftgate serial number
  3. Description of problem
  4. Itemized bill of repair with break down of number of hours to perform warranty work and labor charges per repair
  5. Parts used for repair with PALFINGER's part number
  6. R.M.A. number
  7. Contact at PALFINGER Liftgates (if applicable)





In order to guarantee quick delivery, please be sure to include the following when placing orders:

  1. Liftgate model and serial number
  2. Designation and number of the part in accordance with the spare parts list
  3. Designation and number marked on the individual component (if applicable)


  1. For single order $50.00 minimum in parts.
  2. All parts going parcel post will be shipped by ground, freight free, when total parts order exceeds $1500.00
  3. Call parts department toll free 1-888-774-5844 extensions 97 and 15 or fax 562-924-1046.
  4. Next day air shipments must be received by 2:30 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time)


  1. To receive credit on returned parts, the original purchase date must be within 6 months.
  2. Parts must be received in new condition.  Any part received not in new condition will be subject to inspection and possible refusal if part cannot be brought back to new condition.  The cost of rework will be deducted from credit amount.
  3. All parts being returned must have R.M.A. (Return Merchandise Authorization) number, copy of original invoice, and a detailed packing list of returned parts.  All returned parts are subject to a 15% restocking charge.
  4. R.M.A. numbers will be issued by parts department, and are valid for 30 days. All returned R.M.A. parts must be returned to PALFINGER Liftgates by prepaid freight or by call tag authorized by PALFINGER.

All PALFINGER Liftgates parts are covered for one year from date of purchase against defects in material and workmanship.


For quality control purposes and to be able to receive credit from our vendors, PALFINGER requires the return of some types of parts for credit to be given.  Here are some examples but not limited to:

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Structural components
  • Pump and motor assemblies
  • PC boards

If requested parts are not returned, no credit is given.


Parts sent to us to repair must be accompanied by a letter giving details and a scope of repairs required.