G 68

The industry highest capacity hooklift hoists with the only semi trailer models

Product group:
up to 80,000lbs
Product line:
Dual point articulation

68,000 lb. capacity G 68 hoists are available for straight truck installations and are also available in three semi trailer versions The G 68H semi trailer is designed to work with containers from 22'- 30' in length. The G 68HA is designed to work with the same 22'- 30' containers, but allows use for two powered hoist semi trailers or a powered lead and pup second trailer. The G 68HAX will handle containers from 30'- 40' in length. Suspensions for all trailers are custom designed to maximum legal payloads in the areas the units are to be used. Suspension range from tandem to five axles and can incorporate lift axles in one or more locations. Controls are full air and are plumbed with a manifold style single release quick disconnect.

  • PALFINGER American Roll-Off
PALFINGER American Roll-Off

American Roll-Off entered the roll-off and hooklift markets by introducing its American Roll-off™ and Hooklift hoists, along with a full line of standard and custom designed body offerings. PALFINGER American Roll-off is responsible for all container handling systems activities , including the PALFINGER Hooklift brand, with manufacturing facilities located in Trenton, NJ.

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Technical data

Configuration Capacity
Container length
Jib height
Dump angle
Operating pressure
Min. CA/CT
Platform length
Min. F/R suspension
Min. RBM
G 69 68,000 18'- 23' 61-3/4" 47˚ 4,500 195"- 205" CT 273 66000.0 20K/46K 2,570K
G 68H 68,000 22'- 30' 61-3/4" 45˚ 4,500
G 68HA 68,000 22'- 30' 61-3/4" 45˚ 4,500
G 68HAX 68,000 30'- 40' 61-3/4" 45˚ 4,500