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PALFINGER is an exciting company offering the advantages of both a personal family business and that of a global company listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. If you are a Student and want to experience working life or are a Professional who is open for a new challenge then PALFINGER is the place for you.

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Orientation Process

PALFINGER's Orientation Process

The Employee Orientation and Onboarding process will fully engage an employee into the PALFINGER culture and provide a warm, welcoming and safe environment from the first day and onwards.

On the first day of employment, the supervisor of the department will greet the person and facilitate the orientation and onboarding process. The new employee will complete the required forms for Human Resources, payroll and benefits, as applicable. A copy and review of the Employees Handbook will be provided.

Through the use of presentations, media and introductions to personnel the supervisor will familiarize the employee to their surroundings and colleagues. The employee will tour the facility and learn about general safety procedures of the facility.

During the first month the employee will learn of PALFINGER History, the company’s Vision, Mission and Values. They will learn about PALFINGER’s high standards for Quality, Health and Safety, and Commitment to customers. They will be provided a comprehensive training on PALFINGER’s safety program and procedures that will ensure their safety and the safety of others.

The employee begins to learn their job specific duties and roles through use of an active mentoring, job shadowing and application of detailed work instructions. Only employees assessed as competent will be tasked with conducting an activity independently. Daily the supervisor maintains a close contact and provides guidance with the new employee. The supervisor and employee complete the Orientation and Onboarding process with an evaluation of performance after the probationary period.